National Parks for Vacations

River Salmon’s Idaho’s Whitewater Raft Middle Fork

Among the most thrilling, remote and scenic adventures which my family ever took was the six days of whitewater rafting down river Salmon classic Idaho Middle Fork. River Salmon flows just like arteries do via the heart down the second to largest in united States continent federal wilderness about 2.4 million acres long. Lots of whitewater with some of them class IV and III and three hundred raptable rapids plus awesome side hikes to waterfalls and overlooks.

Sequoia Backpack National Park

A backpacking trip in this national park will guarantee you a 40-mile hiking through the backcountry, quiet grove of Sequoias gain and also over 11000 foot passes ad 10,000 foot at the 12,000 foot with granite peaks. Camping is also available at 2 lakes which will get you listing them among the best campsites in backcountry. Be sure you will always consider the place as the most ever photogenic you have ever hiked along.

Jotunheimen Trek National Park in Norway

This is an arctic-looking vibrantly landscape which is colorful from the wildflowers, mosses and shrubs. It features mountains and cliffs which look like someone used an axe to chop them from earth. Crack-riddled, thick glaciers pouring from the mountains in a way like batter of pancake in need of water. This park also has meandering braided rivers which flow down the treeless valleys rendering wild roaming. You will see the summit snowy and with glacier-clad peaks which tend to roll towards the horizons. The park offers world’s excellent food and comfortable huts. It’s also referred to as “Home of the Giants.”

New Zealand Fiordland Sea Kayak National Park

Just imagine of the ocean flowing to fill Yosemite Valley with water to about a third of the El Capitan height then each year pouring into the valley rain water 20 feet plus such that forests which spring from the waterfalls and granite walls thrive all through. Instead of such imagination, go to Doubtful Sound and Milford Sound which is located in Fiordland New Zealand National Park where cliffs of jungle-clad rise up from the sea to about four thousand feet summits.

Fiordland is the largest as the sprawling area covers 3 million plus acres which is like Yellowstone and Yosemite national park’s when combined. This park also homes among the greatest adventures.

Take father-daughter and father-son adventures

At tender ages you can take your daughter and on separately from the annual father-daughter and father-son outdoor trips. I used to do this and later they turned to be ‘girl trip’ and ‘boy trip’. It will then become like any other event which your kids and you must squeeze time no matter how busy the calendars read yearly as you will not be able to miss out.

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